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Back in 2015, ELPA created ELPA University, a year-long capacity building programme on liver health and advocacy which combines both theoretical learning and skills based trainings. The course, designed in 3 – 4 modules, has been developed to enable ELPA members to confidently advocate for improved liver health services and care within their countries. During the 2016 we have continued with the good practice and organized new school year for 28 patient groups’ representatives from 16 organisations, covering 13 countries.

ELPA University 2016

The ELPA University IMPACT programme was comprised of three core modules, with a fourth module in 2017. Each module was tailored by liver health specialists who have experience in a variety of areas of expertise. They were able to draw upon their experiences to provide our students with up-to-date and accurate information about liver health, as well as support you to develop the skills you will need to implement your learnings locally. Below is an overview of the topics that we have covered during the modules. 

Belgrade – Combined modules 4 and 1 for 1st and 2nd Year ELPA University students

Approaches to targeted fundraising and NGO management

First ELPA University 2016 courses were held in Belgrade in May, combining modules 4 and 1 for years 1 and 2. First day in Belgrade all students participated in the joint session ran by Achim Kautz, whilst year 2 participants continued with a three day programme where they learned about liver health in different countries, recruiting community group volunteers, community group fundraising etc. Workshops and trainings were held by Robert Mitchell-Thain (PBC Foundation), George Kalamitsis (PROMETHEUS), and Tara Farrell (World Hepatitis Alliance), well known experts in a liver health community.

Lisbon – IMPACT programme: module 2 for 2nd Year ELPA University students

Advocating for better treatment and care for people living with liver conditions

Having acquired knowledge from the modules held in Belgrade, ELPA University students continued with their programme in Lisbon on September 5th-7th. On this occasion students had the opportunity to listen and learn about developing effective patients’ materials and working with media in order to enhance the advocacy for better treatment and care for people living with liver conditions. They were also taught about clinical trials, reimbursement process and policies in EU, as well as how to tackle the stigma which, unfortunately, liver patients often face.

Warsaw – IMPACT programme: module 3 for 2nd Year ELPA University students

A practical introduction to liver health and liver health advocacy across Europe

The beginning of December was marked by the ELPA University IMPACT Programme sequel – module 3. Second year students gathered in Warsaw from 5th to 7th December and continued adopting valuable inputs given by ELPA trainers. This IMPACT Programme, as well as the previous ones, was chaired and managed by Achim Kautz.

Sarajevo – closing session

A practical introduction to liver health and liver health advocacy across Europe

Closing session of ELPA University Impact programme for Year 2 students was held in Sarajevo from 13-15 March. Module 4 was attended by ELPA University students who, on this occasion, acquired knowledge about social media campaigns and its implementation in fighting liver diseases as patients’ associations. Sessions covered topics which gave better insights in ELPA’s use of social media, how to deliver an impactful presentation, best practical use of presentation tools etc.