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Video for rising awarness about hepatitis C “Hepatitis C is a curable disease”. Zagreb, February 19, 2016: Croatian Liver Society “Hepatos”, WHO country office and MEP Biljana Borozan, the host of the meeting, have organized the high level meeting “Hepatitis C: The Beginning of the End – Are we ready to think about the elimination of HCV in Croatia” at the Palace Hotel Zagreb. For many years, “Hetz” is helping liver patients and their families across Israel cope with the disease and seek the best possible treatment. This year, Hetz has added a new focus to its association’s scope of activities. Politicians, professionals and patients shared the need for the establishment and implementation of projects for national programs to fight the virus hepatitis B BULGARIA   Today, March 5, 2015, at the initiative of the Health Care Committee at the 43rd National Assembly, Bulgarian Association for the Study of Liver Diseases and the National Association for Fight against Hepatitis “Hepasist” held a round table on “Hepatitis: Hidden Epidemic or solve a problem? “- European context and significance of the introduction of a national program for prevention and control of viral hepatitis in Bulgaria. World Hepatitis Day, 28 July, 2014: Celebration in croatia World Hepatitis Day 2014 in Poland Under the slogan “Stop Hepatitis! Beware of A, B, C and D”, the Association of Patients with Liver Diseases in Romania (APAH-RO) held a broad information campaign among the population on the occasion of World Hepatitis Day” ELPA member VIMOR is organizing an awareness and screening campaign covering the whole of Hungary. Big Yellow C’s at Thessaloniki 28 July 2013 – World Hepatitis Day HEPTA-Organization of citizens, ”Association for health education, prevention and improved treatment” in collaboration with NGOs Option and Red Cross Ohrid, conducted a series of awareness and educative activities on the occasion of World Hepatitis Day 2013. The Association of Liver Patients Care (ALPC in Dakhlya- Egypt) under the head of Dr. Gamal Shiha, organized a public awareness campaign to commemorate this year’s World Hepatitis Day (July 28). The campaigning was organized in Dakhlya and was extensively covered by the local media. Flash mob: „I don’t see, I don’t hear, I don’t speak about Hepatitis” For the celebration of the World Hepatitis Day the Hellenic Liver Patient Association “Prometheus” organized several events to boost awareness and bring the topic of viral hepatitis closer to the public and policy makers.