Elpa Calls Patients Primary Liver Cancer Hcc Share Their Experiences First Global

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The Drop-In service, born from the experience gained since 1997 as a Street Unit, has been active in the Biella area since 2002, created by the Ser on primary liver cancer. D of the elpa of Biella in collaboration with Anteo Azienda Cooperativa Sociale.

Inserted in the Harm Reduction and Risk Limitation policies, it is characterized by a low access threshold and is aimed at people with primary liver cancer addiction problems to legal and illegal psychoactive substances, offering hospitality and elpa educational support, as well as the possibility of responding to basic needs of those who live in conditions of discomfort related to addiction.

Worldwide, 290 million people live with viral hepatitis unaware of their condition on www elpa, while approximately 130 to 210 million individuals with chronic hepatitis C virus infection are estimated by the WHO and hcc.

In fact, years can pass before the hepatitis C virus leads to the onset of symptoms hcc cancer, during which subjects remain asymptomatic but can infect other people. The speed of diagnosis is therefore essential to prevent the spread of the virus and because the risk of developing liver cirrhosis and hcc global, sometimes, liver cancer increases with the passage of time of coexistence with the virus. Not only. Being a chronic infection, positive people are more predisposed to:

  • diabetes
  • kidney failure
  • cardiovascular diseases.

Eliminating the virus is essential hcc europe, which is why it is necessary to identify those who do not know they are positive and insert them into treatment paths as soon as possible.In Italy there are currently an estimated 280,000 people still undiagnosed, of which about 146,000 have a substance addiction problem and about 80,000 in the past years have received aesthetic treatments, especially tattoos, in www elpa inadequate hygienic conditions.

World Hepatitis Day was therefore a great opportunity, also in the Biellese area, to raise awareness of the importance of learning about hcc liver one’s state of health, hcc global spreading knowledge about the disease and its treatment and promoting safe behaviors, as stated in the Press release sent by our local health authority. Like every year, World Hepatitis Day is celebrated on 28 July.

Objective british liver foundation: to inform and raise awareness of the population and public opinion on the risks and spread of this viral infection that can cause serious liver disease related to hcc liver. A program and hcc a proposal launched by the World Health Organization (WHO) itself as early as 2016 – british liver foundation.

This year’s theme: Hepatitis cannot wait.Every 30 seconds in the world, a person dies from hepatitis-related diseases.We can no longer wait to take urgent action and real change globally, for this public threat to be definitively eliminated by 2030.


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