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The European Liver Patients Association welcomes you; we are glad you are visiting our website.

The purpose of this site to share information about our organization and what it is we do.  We are excited about the initiatives we are currently undertaking and always welcome the support and involvement of concerned citizens.

In addition, this website strives to provide easy to underst information about hepatitis C and hepatitis B – two diseases that affect almost 600 million people around the world. People who are infected with either of these conditions need reliable, unbiased and easy to understand information, as do those who support them.

In the future, we hope to add more information and features to this website, so that it becomes a valued and trusted friend throughout your journey in the fight against liver disease.

To good health,
ELPA members

elpa-manifesto-chronic-liver-disease202014-2019-1208882ELPA publishes Manifesto on policy measures against chronic liver disease 2014-2019 to brief candidates for the European Parliament elections and for the new European Commission.

Download Manifesto pdf 600Ko