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2011-07-27 12:57


A ComprehensiveSupport Programme for Patients Diagnosed With Chronic Hepatitis B: “PATH B”Coming Soon

  • Hepatitis B is one of the most common infectious diseasesin the world, with 10-30 million new infections every year1, yetthere remains a lack of reliable resources for patients and caregivers
  • PATH B is a new programmethat provides information and tools toguide patients through the stages of chronic hepatitis B; from diagnosis tolong term disease management

July 28, 2011 – The European Liver Patients Association (ELPA)and the World Hepatitis Alliance (WHA), announced on the 4thannual World Hepatitis Day that ‘PATH B– “Patients and Professionals Acting Together for Hepatitis B” – My journey with chronic hepatitis B’, acomprehensive educational resource designed to improve the lives of peopleliving with chronic hepatitis B, is to be launched in August 2011. PATH B aimsto increase patient understanding of the consequences of chronic hepatitis Band improve patient-physician dialogue, with the goal of enhancing chronichepatitis B disease management, resulting in a better quality of life.

The PATH B programme, the first of its kind, was developedby an independent advisory board that includes people living with hepatitis B,as well as patient advocacy group representatives and leading hepatologistsfrom France, Germany, Greece,Italy, Spain and the UK. The program was organised andfunded by Bristol-Myers Squibb.

An example of the PATH B resource, an interactive PDF, canbe previewed now at  https://elpa-info.org/pdf/PathB_Toolkit_teaser.pdf 

Challenges Facedby Chronic Hepatitis B Patients

Hepatitis B is one of the mostcommon infectious diseases in the world.[1]There are 350-400 million people infected with chronic hepatitis B worldwide,1,3yet it remains a disease that is often under diagnosed and under treated. Infact, an estimated 50% of those diagnosed are not being treated, even thoughthey meet guideline criteria for treatment.4

“There is a large information gap for chronic hepatitisB patients between their initial diagnoses and the long-term management oftheir disease,” said PATH B advisory board member, Achim Kautz, ELPA BoardMember. “For the first time, this toolkit seeks to fill that unmet need forcomplete and reliable information that patients can depend on through everystep of their disease.”

“As a clinician, I have seen that patients who are moreknowledgeable about their disease feel empowered and in control and tend tohave better outcomes,” said PATH B advisory board member, Dr. Mark Wilkinson ofGuy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital, London, UK.”This programme is one of the most comprehensive support tools for patientsdiagnosed with hepatitis B available, and helps patients and physicians engagein important conversations about managing their disease in the long-term.”

Although this resource was developed primarily forpatients it can also be a helpful resource for physicians to enhance dialoguewith patients on disease progression, treatment and the importance of adherenceand persistency.

About PATH B – Patients and Professionals ActingTogether for Hepatitis B

PATH B consists of a hepatitis B journey roadmap that guidespatients through every step and aspect of hepatitis B and treatment options.The six stages of the roadmap cover key aspects of a patient’s journey with essentialinformation on hepatitis B including:  have hepatitis B?

  • Understandingmy tests /Being diagnosed with hepatitis B /After my diagnosis /Starting mytreatment/My long term management

Other keyfeatures of the resource include an interactive Patient Diary and the View YourProgress ‘test’ tool, which allows patients to record blood test results,giving a visual chart on how they progress with their Viral load and ALT .

The ‘PATH B – My Journey with Chronic Hepatitis B’ education resourcewill be available to view and download in English from PATH B partner societiesfrom August 2011. More language versions,including German, French, Spanish, Italian, traditional Chinese, Turkish andPortuguese will be launched across Europelater this year.

PATH B Partner Organisations

European Liver Patients Association (ELPA)                                   www.elpa-info.org

World Hepatitis Alliance (Alliance)                               www.worldhepatitisalliance.org

British Liver Trust                                                                www.britishlivertrust.org.uk

Associació Catalana de Malaltsd’Hepatitis (ASSCAT)                    www.asscat.org

Chinese Healthy LivingCentre                                                       www.cnhlc.org.uk

Associazione EpaC onlus                                                                           www.epac.it

SOS Hépatites                                                                           www.soshepatites.org

About Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

Bristol-Myers Squibb is a global biopharmaceuticalcompany whose mission is to discover, develop and deliver innovative medicinesthat help patients prevail over serious diseases. Bristol-Myers Squibb has anestablished expertise in Viral Hepatitis and is proud to support PATH B, aprogramme addressing a large unmet need for patients living with chronichepatitis B.

Media Contacts

Achim Kautz,Board member ELPA (European LiverPatients Association)

Tel: 00 49(1) 784429570

Raquel Jose, International Relations Director, WHA (WorldHepatitis Alliance)

Tel: 00 44 7968366526

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