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Know your ASL – Knowing to be cured The WHO has set the global goal of hepatitis C eradication for 2030, thanks to the advent of innovative antiviral drugs for hepatitis C (AAD).

Since 2005, the Hepatology Unit of the Frosinone ASL has been the only one at the provincial level for the prescription of these drugs, the use of sophisticated diagnostics and healing of viral hepatitis.

It is one of the 11 prescribing centers, as part of the Lazio Region project. There are drugs for the treatment of hepatitis C, they work and are available to all patients. The goal, now, is to identify those who do not know they are positive for the virus.

Working in collaboration with the Department of addictions and provincial Serd, the UOS Hepatology is engaged in the research of the undeclared, i.e. the attention is directed above all to those people positive to the virus but who do not know they are positive because they are asymptomatic and to those patients who do not they had access to such therapies for multiple reasons.

These are fragile patients, D.C.s, alcoholics, psychiatrists, who have so far escaped curative therapies, very often because they are not adequately informed or even unable to obtain them.

According to a recent study by the Istituto Superiore di SanitĂ , in Italy there are about 200 thousand people with HCV asymptomatic and unaware of being infected. An estimate that is based on an epidemiological model aimed at predicting and quantifying those groups of people on which to focus the attention of health policy in terms of hepatitis C.

Identifying hepatitis C today is simple: a blood sample or saliva analysis is enough. At the rate of patients treated to date, the goal of eradication by 2030 is well within reach.

The results of these innovative drugs are exceptional, guaranteeing up to 95-100% cure of viral hepatitis.In addition to the health gains for patients, there is also considerable savings in public money, as patients no longer need hospitalization and expensive care.


This is the offer we make to all citizens who detect changes in liver function from liver viruses. All virus-positive people are treated for free.The outpatient clinic pertaining to the Hepatology Unit is active every day from Monday to Friday from 9 to 13 with a reservation for a hepatological visit at the temporary booking number 0775/8822453 (number to be used until the problems caused by the hacker attack on the regional servers are resolved. ) or send an email to:


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