World Hepatitis Day 2010: Report by WHA is now online! – ELPA – European Liver Patients Association


2010-09-07 07:13

The World Hepatitis Alliance (WHA) has published its 90 page report of World Hepatitis Day on 19th May 2010. The report gives a detailed overview of national and international activities around the globe. The report states in its Executive Summary:

2010 was a momentous year for the international hepatitis community. Patient groups around the world worked tirelessly with the World Hepatitis Alliance to achieve a multitude of key milestones in the fight against hepatitis B and C.

19 May 2010 marked the third global World Hepatitis Day, supported by approximately 280 patient groups, with reported activities* organised in 68 countries. Since 2008 the Alliance along with its supporters have reached in excess of two billion people through the media, generated over 3,000 pieces of coverage and developed multiple campaign tools aiding groups to host thousands of event worldwide.

Delivering essential policy change at a national and international level is a key driver of the Alliance‘s five year policy strategy. On 21 May at the 63rd World Health Assembly, the 193 member states of the World Health Organization (WHO) passed the first ever resolution on viral hepatitis. The resolution commits all governments to act to tackle hepatitis B and C and provides for unprecedented support, resourcing and leadership from WHO, including the development of a global hepatitis strategy.

The World Hepatitis Alliance played a central role in this breakthrough event. Viral hepatitis was originally added to the World Health Assembly agenda following lobbying from the Alliance and patient groups around the world. At the WHO Executive Board and World Health Assembly, the Alliance briefed almost every Health Minister either in face-to-face meetings or with written material, to explain how unified action to tackle viral hepatitis was needed and to press for the resolution.

The Alliance worked in partnership with its Public Health Panel to demonstrate the overwhelming support for coordinated action in tackling viral hepatitis. A scientific briefing paper – distributed to key Health Ministers – was supported by EASL, APASL and a number of prominent clinicians
Working with the WHO to conduct research into national policies on viral hepatitis in all 193 member states, the Alliance published the results as an unprecedented report titled Viral Hepatitis: Global Policy, which highlighted policy gaps and the need for action Key

Campaign Stats:

• In 2010, the Alliance increased its global reach, with activities in the following countries for the first time: Cameroon, Georgia, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Kenya, Nepal, Panama, Qatar, Ukraine and Yemen• The first ever World Hepatitis Day music album was launched – entitled ‗This Day‘• Over 575 events were coordinated – from TV adverts in Austria to talk shows in Azerbaijan, from screening events in Bulgaria to hepatitis help lines in Hong Kong• Supporting these efforts, the global team secured 585+ advertising billboards, which appeared in cities across the globe including, London, Lima, Rio de Janeiro and Geneva• The first resolution on viral hepatitis was secured at the World Health Assembly• 231 new campaign materials were produced, translated and distributed to all patient groups• A new interactive global website launched including: a new multi-language blog (with seven bloggers), interactive story wall, community scrapbook and world map

• The unprecedented policy report ‗Viral Hepatitis: Global Policy‘ launched at EASL, Vienna

You can download the report at the WHA website.