WHO Resolution on viral hepatitis: Full text now online – ELPA – European Liver Patients Association


2010-06-23 14:30

On 21st May 2010, a much-awaited WHO resolution on viral hepatitis was agreed on at the annual World Health Assembly in Geneva. World Hepatitis Alliance welcomed the decision as “a momentous day for the global hepatitis community”.

The full text of the resolution is now online on the WHO website. You can find it here.

The resolution recognizes viral hepatitis as a global health hazard and states that more needs to be done to prevent and control these diseases. WHO will be actively involved in the process to offer support and guidance to its member states around the world.

From 2011 onwards, World Hepatitis Day will be moved to 28th July. The previous date on 19th May was changed as it turned out to overlap with a different awareness day in China. 28th July was chosen to honor the birthday of Prof. Bloomberg, who discovered the hepatitis B virus in the 1960’s.