The Euro Hepatitis Index 2012 project has begun! – ELPA – European Liver Patients Association


2012-03-10 08:40

The situation for hepatitis differs from country to country across Europe: There are vast differences in prevention, diagnosis, access to treatment, available information and the social attitudes towards patients. We know this from countless meetings and congresses. And yet,  a reliable, comparable overview of the hepatitis situation European countries still does not exist.

ELPA has now started a new project to bring more clarity into this matter: The Euro Hepatitis Index 2012. The index will compare the situation of viral hepatitis in the 27 member states of EU, as well as in Norway, Switzerland and Croatia.

The Euro Hepatitis Index is ELPA’s largest project for 2012, whose execution has been allocated to an independent company – Health Consumer Powerhouse. The kick-off meeting for the Euro Hepatitis Index project was held in Berlin on 3rd February 2012. A Committee of 8 experts has been formed at the meeting in Berlin, with a task to determine indicators for the Euro Hepatitis Index in order to compare situation/state in the field of viral hepatitis in the EU27, Norway, Switzerland and Croatia in the following categories:

  • Epidemiology
  • Diagnosis (availability, reliability)
  • Treatment
  • Prevention programmes
  • Screening programmes
  • Societal attitudes (stigma, discrimination)
  • Access to information

The target groups comprise individuals, particularly those belonging to vulnerable groups, patients’ and consumer organisations, medical professionals, public authorities, political opinion builders, care providers and the media.

The index itself is expected to be launched in October 2012.