Survey on hepatitis C therapy: We need your voice! – ELPA – European Liver Patients Association


2011-03-17 10:07

The European Liver Patients Association ELPA needs your help!

HCV therapy is in a phase of radical change. New substances against HCV are going to make a great difference, even though interferons will remain the backbone of treatment for the foreseeable future.

The following survey is intended for all hepatitis C patients, no matter whether you have already undergone therapy and no matter whether you have been cured or not.

ELPA would like to know the following: if patients have never received treatment, what were the reasons for this? What sort of experiences have treated patients had? What are the most urgent needs for future treatment? What compromises would patients be most willing to make (effect, side effects or simpler method of use)? We want to find out which developments are in your interests and which are not.

The questionnaire is made up of three parts: general questions, questions on hepatitis C treatment and general health questions.

Please select only one answer unless multiple answers are expressly allowed. Should a particular question not exactly apply to you, please answer the question as best you can. Should you be torn between two answers when answering a particular question, please decide spontaneously for the best answer.

In order to safeguard your privacy, the data gathered from this survey will be anonymised and your IP address will not be saved. Note: please do not use the back key during the questionnaire to return to a previous page, as you will otherwise quit the survey.

Yours faithfully,

Nadine PiorkowskyELPA President

Note: To make this survey easy to understand for many people, we are offering it in several European languages. When you click the link, a new window will open with our survey site:

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