Hepatitis C: Setting Standards in a Journey towards the Eradication of Infection and Disease as a Serious Health Issue in the EU – ELPA – European Liver Patients Association


2014-03-10 13:35

Many countries in the European Union face major challenges in the delivery of effective and quality services for those infected with, and at risk of acquiring, hepatitis C (HCV). Professor David Goldberg, who led the widely-recognized and successful Scottish National Hepatitis C Action Plan, puts forward recommendations in a new report for raising the bar of HCV services and care across the European Union.    

The wider societal cost of taking no action regarding HCV in the EU is huge. The report is intended to support policy makers with an holistic approach to improving HCV prevention, diagnosis and treatment and ultimately working towards the eradication of HCV. Serious progress needs to be made in raising standards to improve both the quality and consistency of HCV prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care. Such action could lead to the eradication of HCV infection and disease within the EU.


While recognizing the diversity of HCV epidemiology and services across the EU, the report sets out high-level tangible goals for raising the bar of HCV – related care and service provision across the EU, spanning prevention, diagnosis, treatment/care, monitoring/surveillance and planning/coordination. It further singles out the pivotal role of patient associations for improving services for those at risk of or already infected with, HCV in addition to generating a political response on the issue.


The report – written by Professor David Goldberg, Consultant epidemiologist and Consultant in Public Health, Health Protection Scotland, Glasgow UK, and Honorary Professor of Public Health, University of Glasgow and Professor of Public Health, Glasgow Caledonian University, and Professor Sharon Hutchinson, Professor of Epidemiology & Infectious Diseases, Glasgow Caledonian University – was supported by independent educational grant provided by Janssen and MSD.

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