ELPA is proud to announce the official presentation of the Euro Hepatitis Index on 6 November 2012 in Brussels. – ELPA – European Liver Patients Association


2012-09-26 08:00


The Euro Hepatitis Index is a comparative analysis of the performance of 30 European countries with regard to Hepatitis B and C care.

The picture of Hepatitis B and C care varies considerably across Europe: France and Scotland have a dedicated national plan to address viral hepatitis. Other countries have started this process but there are still inequalities in the level of care and treatment patients receive across Europe. The Euro Hepatitis Index will highlight these discrepancies and shortcomings of viral hepatitis policy in Europe and will help identify cost-effective best practices that will improve the lives of patients.

For more information about the Index or about the launch please visit our dedicated website http://www.hep-index.eu/