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ELPA is directed by a Governing Board, which is elected by its members at the Annual General Meeting. The Board and the Secretariat work together towards making ELPA’s vision a reality.


Tatjana has been the President of European Liver Patients’ Association (ELPA) since 2011.  Prior to her tenure as President of the ELPA, back in the year 2000, she has founded “Hepatos”, the first hepatitis patient association in Croatia. Today “Hepatos” is a leading civil society organization that has played a crucial role in ensuring that viral hepatitis is recognized and put on the policy agenda as a social problem. In 2005 it became a member of ELPA where Tatjana took an active role as a member of the Steering and Advisory Committees, was the Vice President (2007 to 2011) before being elected the President in 2011. Tatjana is a doctor of veterinary medicine and holds an MSci from the University of Zagreb, Croatia. A member of the Board of Advisors for the Viral Hepatitis Prevention Board, member of WHO Hepatitis Civil Society Reference Group, member of Hepatitis Technical Advisory Group for Georgia’s Government Hepatitis C Elimination Program and several other expert organizations in the field of liver diseases s well as a member of the Croatian National Committee for Viral Hepatitis and a founding member of the Croatian Alliance of Hepatitis Patients. Awarded, in 2010, by the Croatian Ministry of Health, the position of WHO focal point for Hepatitis she has held the position since then.

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Angelika is the founder and president of the umbrella patient organization Hepatitis Aid Austriam and the vice president of the European Liver Patients‘ Assoziation (ELPA). Her primary interests are patient advocacy, rare liver diseases and better communications between doctors, paramedics, patients and relatives. Mrs. Widhalm is a patient herself, she got an HCV infection in the early 1970 following a bloodtransfusion. In 2008 she had a liver transplantation. Her HCV infection was cured in 2014 thanks to the new DAA drugs.


Milan Mishkovikj is Bachelor of Law, Vice president of APO – Alliance of Patient Organisations from Macedonia, Vice president of Macedonian Association for patients with liver diseases Hepar Centar Bitola, Macedonia and he works as  program – project manager in Hepar Centar Bitola. Milan is part of ELPA Governing Board, APO Board, Member of Аadvisory Board in the Project HAREACT as representative of ELPA and is administrating ELPA social networks channels. He is a member of European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL) and works closely with policy makers, health authorities and civil society organisations at global and national levels. He speaks and understands Macedonian/English/Croatian/Bosnian/Serbian/Bulgarian and Albanian


Marko is Master of Business and Economy, international certified NLP Trainer and NLP Coach, president of Slovenian Association for patients with viral hepatitis SLOVENIA HEP and works as ELPA board member and Program manager. Furthermore, he was closely involved in the development of ELPA strategy plan, ELPA work plan and budget, ELPA Symposium preparation at ILC organized by EASL and ELPA fundraising activities. He works in ELPA and Horizon2020 project as leader of dissemination of the project LIVERHOPE, project GALAXY, and project CIRROTRANS. Marko is a member of the steering committee and trainer at ELPA University, representative of ELPA in NoHEP movement, in WECAN – Informal Workgroup of European CAncerPatient Networks, and in Correlation – European Network for Social Inclusion and Health. He is a member of European Asociation for the Study of the Liver (EASL), international NLP trainer association (INLPTA) and some other national organizations. In 2014 he wrote a book about his fight against hepatitis C with the title “336 days of Hope”. He speaks and understands Slovenian, Croatian/Bosnian/Serbian, English and German

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Livia Alimena joined ELPA in 2016 as Public Affairs Director and part of the executive team with responsibility for Public and Government Affairs  for tracking policy and healthcare related issues, providing on-going advice on public affairs and public relations strategies; coordinating outreach to and engagement with EU, national level policy makers and international organisations.  She is also responsible for fundraising and international event organization, project and budget management in partnership with: EU institutions, Universities, clinicians, international organizations and private companies. Livia has extensive experience working for not-for-profit and non-governmental organisations in Europe. Previously she worked in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector in Italy (Farmindustria, the Italian Association of Pharmaceutical Companies, FIASO and BMS) where she developed over 15 years of experience in government affairs, negotiation and advocacy dealing with regional, national and international governments developing a high level, important and personal portfolio of stakeholders. Livia has been elected a board member of the Athenaeum NAE association that deals with ethics and human rights, she is also member of Il Chiostro, the government affairs association of Italy and accredited to the EU Transparency Register. She is a graduate of the Luiss International University of Rome in Political Science and International Relations. After she went on to complete a Master of Science in International Health Care Management, Economics and Policy at the SDA Bocconi School of Management (Bocconi Univeristy of Milan). Italian is her mother tongue and she is fluent in English, French and Spanish.

“When human being experience trauma or severe diseases, it is not uncommon for their lives to unravel. My great passion is to shape the policy and economic international and national landscape in order to help patients to have their voice heard”.


Ingo van Thiel is a full-time employee at German Liver Aid (Deutsche Leberhilfe e.V.), where he has worked as medical journalist, editor and patient advisor since 2001. As representative of German Liver Aid, Mr. van Thiel was involved in the founding process of ELPA. He joined the ELPA Scientific Committee in 2011, and took over the lead of the committee in April 2017.

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Marco is a Project Manager at EpaC Onlus and is responsible for the access to the new drugs. He is the author of some epidemiological studies, analysis of drug/drug use-related data. 
He participated as a speaker at 30 conferences/meetings, at both national and International level.  He also took part to some regional technical board on viral Hepatitis. As of April 2017 he is a member of ELPA’s scientific committee.