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National Association for Fighting Hepatitis – HepasistНационално сдружение за борба с хепатита – Хепасист3rd Lyuben Karavelov str., fl.3 office 5, 1142, Sofia, Bulgaria. T: +359 2 958 95 19F: +359 2 958 20 03

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Stanimir Hasurdjiev

Hepasist is a non-governmental, patient organization created to support those affected by hepatitis, including diagnosed patients and their friends and relatives. What is more, the organization is effortless in promoting awareness and advocating before governmental institution for effective screening and diagnosis schemes and early access to treatment. We prioritize our efforts in protecting and advocating the rigths and interests of patients,providing easily accessible information on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis, as well as charity and awareness promoting initiatives.

Following the tireless efforts by Hepasist and the patients’ community:

  • Hepatitis treatment in Bulgaria is now being reimbursed by the National Health Insurance Fund
  • Hepatitis patients in Bulgaria do not have to wait for treatment in Chronic Viral Hepatitis Program
  • Hepatitis is a priority for the Bulgarian government
  • Hepatitis treatment and access are  matching the highest international standards
  • Hepatitis prevention is among the highest levels of public awareness in the region
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https://twitter.com/hepactiveWe are a patient association to fight against the hepatitis. We are providing opportunities for mutual assistance between patients and protect their rights and interests. The association was founded and is driven entirely by patients.

Aims: Protecting the rights and social interests of people with hepatitis; Support, unification, encouragement and informing people suffering from hepatitis, providing mutual assistance between people with hepatitis and those with resolved infection; Referring patients with hepatitis to competent specialists in the field and assisting them; Protecting the interests and rights of the hepatitis patients before the relevant governmental institutions and bodies;Taking measures to address the emotional consequences of the hepatitis disease;Providing funding for treatment and support of patients with hepatitis; Implementing projects that contribute to social support, incorporation and employment of patients with hepatitis or resolved disease;

Goals: Assist and realize communication between people with hepatitis and public institutions; Organize and support research projects on treatment of hepatitis; Conducting educational and information programs on hepatitis; establishing permanent and temporary information centers on hepatitis in the country; organizing public discussions, press conferences; conducting social activities and organizing charity fundraising; Maintaining contacts and cooperation with specialized centers for exchange of information on hepatitis and individuals suffering from the disease; maintaining contacts with the competent authorities to resolve problems related to the hepatitis disease;