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23 July 2010

World Hepatitis Day 2010 in Bosnia-Herzegovina

The Association "B18" in Bosnia-Herzegovina celebrated World Hepatitis Day with a month of activities, which included a charity phone, information lectures, a charity auction, and musical concerts to reach out for the young population. You can find the full report of the event here.
20 July 2010

Report from World Hepatitis Day in Sweden

On World Hepatitis Day, the Riksföreningen Hepatit C association held an event in one of the largest arcade passage in Stockholm.
24 June 2010

Report from World Hepatitis Day 2010 in the Netherlands

On World Hepatitis Day 2010, Nationaal Hepatitis Centrum made a press-release, which was picked up by several newspapers. Some doctors, who had been requested to do so by NHC, gave interviews, also on tv. Nationaal Hepatitis Centrum also created a movie which informs the public about possible routes of hepatitis transmission. It encourages people at risk to get tested. The movie can be found here. This movie is also shown in restaurants, public transport, etc on information screens. We did get media attention! Also, this is the first time we managed to get someone on tv to talk about hepatitis.
21 June 2010

Report from World Hepatitis Day in Croatia

The non-governmental organisation HULOH/CATIH “Hepatos” coordinated World Hepatitis Day 2010 in the Republic of Croatia together with the WHO Croatia Country Office, Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, City of Zagreb, and members of the Croatian Alliance of Hepatitis Patients Associations.
21 June 2010

World Hepatitis Day 2010 in England

Bournemouth town centre played host for this years awareness activities for World Hepatitis Day on Wednesday, 19th May 2010. The Trust supported the Dorset Hepatitis Support Group and Hep C Nomads members in holding their event which ran between 10am and 5pm. There were over 30 members who helped with the day and made it a great success.
21 June 2010

World Hepatitis Day 2010 in Egypt

Dakhalia, the Egyptian association, organized the national World Hepatitis Day activities in Egypt together with the Ministry of Health, the Association of Liver Patient Care, The National Committee of Hepatitis Treatment and the media.
21 June 2010

Report from World Hepatitis Day in Catalonia/Spain

The Associació Catalana de Malats d’Hepatitis (ASSCAT) marked World Hepatitis Day by hosting information talks about viral hepatitis and by placing information booths throughout various universities and hospitals in Catalonia (Spain).
15 June 2010

Report from World Hepatitis Day 2010 in Italy

EPAC organised two big events on the eve of World Hepatitis Day on 18th May 2010: They held a congress at the parliament where they presented a document on hepatitis, its social and economic aspects and what other countries are doing to fight those diseases. The document highlighted the urgent need for action against viral hepatitis in Italy. EPAC requested that hepatitis were included into the National Prevention Plan as cancer-causing agents.
10 June 2010

Report: World Hepatitis Day 2010 in Germany

On 19th May, Leberhilfe, Leberstifung and Techniker health insurance started a hepatitis contest in schools in Hamburg, which is ongoing at this time. The participating students are to create hepatitis B posters as well as reports in school magazines and on the internet. The best works will receive a price at a ceremony in Hamburg at the end of June.
10 June 2010

Report from World Hepatitis Day 2010 in Belgium

On 19th May 2010, Muriel Colinét of the Belgian CHAC association organized a forum in Liege to celebrate World Hepatitis Day 2010. The meeting was attended by patients, doctors, nurses and speakers from various political parties. The forum was dedicated to Muriel's late husband Daniel Gansberghe, who sadly passed away in November last year.
4 June 2010

Report from World Hepatitis Day 2010 in Spain

The Spanish AsoEEHC association for hepatitis C had a meeting at the Spanish Ministry of Health to discuss World Hepatitis Day, the activities of World Hepatitis Alliance and ELPA, and the “twelve asks” to the government.
18 May 2010

World Hepatitis Day: Belgian patient groups ask local mayors for their support

A few days before May 19th, the CHAC and the VHC sent a letter to all Belgian mayors and their deputies responsible for health matters, asking them to support hepatitis C on a local level. We added support material on a USB stick, including a brochure, a poster, and a complete programme that can be used at once. We asked them to work with the local community, GP's, schools, cultural organisations, and hospitals in order to disseminate more information and organize prevention activities about Hep C and Hep B. We also designed a brochure meant to be distributed in the mailboxes. We hope to hand them over ready-to-use information that can easily be implemented.
6 May 2010

Belgium: Press Conference for World Hepatitis Day in Liege

ELPA member CHAC will hold a press conference for World Hepatitis Day in Liege. The conference takes place on 17th May, two days before the Awareness Day.
10 March 2010

Croatia: Informing and educating general practitioners about viral hepatitis

At the large hall of the Institute for Public Heath ‘dr Anrija Stampar’ in Zagreb, a workshop was held for general practitioners on 3rd March 2010: ‘Viral hepatitis – why actively treat it?’ The workshop took place within the tribune called ‘Zagreb – Healthy City’
3 February 2010

‘Liver Let Live’ – charity launches online liver cancer game for World Cancer Day

In aid of World Cancer Day on Thursday 4 February 2010, the British Liver Trust has launched a new online game to highlight common risks that could lead to liver cancer.
2 February 2010

HEPATOS: The premiere of Branko Ruzic's play “Blood Borne Enemy” in Sarajevo

The play 'Sto mi moze virus?' (int. title Blood Borne Enemy) premiered 14/01 2010 in the Chamber Theatre in Sarajevo, aiming at drawing attention of Sarajevo and Bosnia-Herzegovina  public's attention to the problem of hepatitis.
25 January 2010

In Memoriam Danko Ninkovic, vice president of B18

With great sadness we announce the passing of Danko Ninkovic, vice president and a founding member of the Chronic Viral Hepatitis Patients Association "B18", who is a member of ELPA. Since the first day Danko was explicit that we must tell the truth about the problem of viral hepatitis B and C in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as providing support for people affected by chronic viral hepatitis, and has remained consistent for this idea to the end. His active participation in the Association has contributed to the result that the treatment of hepatitis C in the Republic of Serpska is truly available for all patients now.
1 December 2009

Marking of the Month of Fight against Addictions 15th of November to 15th of December

This year, as well, in accordance with the National Strategy on fight against illicit narcotics  2006 – 2012, Action Plan of Fight against Illicit narcotics 2009 – 2012 as well as Implementation program of Action Plan of fight against illicit narcotics  for 2009, through various activities we will participate in marking of the month of fight against addiction.
1 December 2009

Info-hep center on the field in November

Our project called “With available service to happy community: Info-hep center on war affected areas in Zadar County“, which was carried out with financial contribution from PSGO, is gradually coming to an end, according to the project plan and planned activities.
24 November 2009

ASSCAT: New initiative to inform about Hepatitis B and C in Catalonia/Spain

Talks on hepatitis B and C in associations of immigrants