ELPA, in collaboration with the INTEGRATE Joint Action is launching a pilot campaign: Spring European Hepatitis-HIV Testing Week 2018 which will take place on 18-25 May 2018.

This pilot aims to promote wide-scale testing and related activities and seeks to complement the November campaign. This pilot will also focus on identifying barriers that ETW participants experience in implementing integrated testing in different settings across Europe. This pilot will provide another opportunity to promote testing and increase awareness of knowing one's hepatitis/HIV status and assess interest and feasibility of having more than one Testing Week during the year. Additionally, this pilot will focus on integrated testing for hepatitis and HIV.

Participation in this pilot could include:

  • Awareness raising and advocacy on hepatitis/HIV testing
  • Hosting testing week events/activities
  • Promotion of combined testing at your site, on social media and much more

By participating in the pilot, you are helping us assess interest and feasibility of having more than one Testing Week during the year and understand the barriers in conducting combined testing for hepatitis and HIV. Monitoring and evaluation of your Spring European Testing Week pilot activities will be very important and incredibly valuable to us therefore we will rely on your feedback during the post-Spring European Testing Week pilot evaluation.

If you would like to carry out activities during the Spring Testing Week, please register here: http://www.testingweek.eu/register-to-take-part.aspx