Finnish NGO under the leadership of Sari Hogstrom organized an event on hepatitis elimination in Finnish Parlament and also an event about hepatitis micro elimination in the gropu of PWID's in Finnland. In Finnish Parlament ELPA president Marko Korenjak presented ELPA and also ways to ensure the patients voice in making decisions about hepatitis elimination. The vent was chared by finnish member of parlament Sari Tanus and prof. Jeffery Lazarus. After the presentation of Finnish situation on hepatitis elimination and ways to learn from other European examples also three members of Finnish Parlamant expressed their views on hepatitis elimination in Finnland. After the formal event in Finnish Parlament the discussion continued about hepatitis elimination in PWID's and in prisons, where ELPA vice president Julio Burman presented the work that ELPA is doing and together with different Finnish NGO's established possible first steps in action plan to eliminate hepatitis in Finnland.

President of ELPA Marko Korenjak was talking about patient voice in the decisions in health care. We need to be active participants in healthcare and not just a passive recipient of health care services. For the successful elimination of hepatitis, we need to follow good examples from Europe and other parts of the world - like the example of Australia. The elimination of hepatitis in Europe is not just a national problem in countries in Europe, but also a joint problem of the European Union.

ELPA vice president Julio Burman explained that elimination of hepatitis in PWID's and in prisons is possible only with building strong coalitions among all stakeholders.