ELPA is directed by a Governing Board, which is elected by its members at the Annual General Meeting. The Board and the Secretariat work together towards making ELPA’s vision a reality.

Governing Board

Marko Korenjak

Marko is Master of Business and Economy, international certified NLP Trainer and NLP Coach and president of Slovenian Association for patients with viral hepatitis SLOVENIA HEP. He is closely involved in the development of ELPA strategy plan, ELPA work plan and budget, ELPA Symposium preparation at ILC organized by EASL and ELPA fundraising activities. He works in ELPA and Horizon2020 project as leader of dissemination of the project LIVERHOPE, project GALAXY, and project CIRROTRANS. Marko is a member of the steering committee and trainer at ELPA University, representative of ELPA in NoHEP movement, in WECAN - Informal Workgroup of European CAncerPatient Networks, and in Correlation - European Network for Social Inclusion and Health. He is a member of European Asociation for the Study of the Liver (EASL), international NLP trainer association (INLPTA) and some other national organizations. In 2014 he wrote a book about his fight against hepatitis C with the title "336 days of Hope". He speaks and understands Slovenian, Croatian/Bosnian/Serbian, English and German

Julio Burman

Board member

Julio Burman is the CEO Hetz- The Israeli Association for the Health of the Liver. Julio discovered he had Hepatitis C by chance in 1994. He went through three year-long courses on interferon treatment. These years were not easy and Julio struggled with many challenges and questions and he looked for support.  When he realized there are no support groups or patient associations for liver patients in Israel, Julio decided in 1998 to establish Hetz- the Israeli Organization for Liver Health. Today Julio is cured from HCV. Nevertheless, he dedicates his life to supporting liver patients and their families, strengthening Hetz's capacity to advocate for the PATIENTS' RIGHT TO KNOW they have a liver disease, and the government's obligation to screen and to treat them. Actually Julio is directing HETZ and is representative of the patients in the National Council of Liver of the Ministry of Health in Israel.

Julio was named as one of The Change Makers by The Economist. The Change Makers program recognizes 18 HCV innovators doing exemplary work in the program’s three thematic areas: multi-stakeholder approaches; screening; and technology. Their ground-breaking efforts can inspire and guide their peers on the path to HCV elimination. The program also aims to spark debate and action on HCV policy and access to care.


Teresa Casanovas Taltavull

Board member

Ivana Dragojevic

Board member

Tove Frisch

Board member

Milan Mishkovikj

Milan Mishkovikj is Bachelor of Law, Vice president of APO - Alliance of Patient Organisations from Macedonia, Vice president of Macedonian Association for patients with liver diseases Hepar Centar Bitola, Macedonia and he works as  program - project manager in Hepar Centar Bitola. Milan is part of ELPA Governing Board, APO Board, Member of Аadvisory Board in the Project HAREACT as representative of ELPA and is administrating ELPA social networks channels. He is a member of European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL) and works closely with policy makers, health authorities and civil society organisations at global and national levels. He speaks and understands Macedonian/English/Croatian/Bosnian/Serbian/Bulgarian and Albanian


Tatjana Reic

Board member

Tatjana has been the President of European Liver Patients' Association (ELPA) since 2011.  Prior to her tenure as President of the ELPA, back in the year 2000, she has founded “Hepatos”, the first hepatitis patient association in Croatia. Today “Hepatos” is a leading civil society organization that has played a crucial role in ensuring that viral hepatitis is recognized and put on the policy agenda as a social problem. In 2005 it became a member of ELPA where Tatjana took an active role as a member of the Steering and Advisory Committees, was the Vice President (2007 to 2011) before being elected the President in 2011. Tatjana is a doctor of veterinary medicine and holds an MSci from the University of Zagreb, Croatia. A member of the Board of Advisors for the Viral Hepatitis Prevention Board, member of WHO Hepatitis Civil Society Reference Group, member of Hepatitis Technical Advisory Group for Georgia’s Government Hepatitis C Elimination Program and several other expert organizations in the field of liver diseases s well as a member of the Croatian National Committee for Viral Hepatitis and a founding member of the Croatian Alliance of Hepatitis Patients. Awarded, in 2010, by the Croatian Ministry of Health, the position of WHO focal point for Hepatitis she has held the position since then.


Gamal Shiha

Board member

ELPA Secretariat

Lana Crnjac

Managing a patient organization that has 30 national chapters in Europe, which has led to collaborations with some of the most important stakeholders in the field of liver disease and global health. With in-depth experience in policy strategies, business development and advocacy Lana is not only engaging with clinicians and key decision-makers, but also with civil society representatives. Through her work she advocates for raising awareness and to reduce the disease burden and suffering that affects hundreds of millions of people around the world.

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Veronika Vsetickova